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Our Cosmetic Expertise

Teeth Whitening

This self-administered whitening procedure, also called take-home bleaching, is performed at home but after your consultation with Dr. Sheiner. In this procedure, Dr. Sheiner takes an impression of your teeth and then creates a customized mouthpiece for you. At home, you just need to apply the bleaching gel on the mouthpiece and then put it on for the period specified by Dr. Sheiner. Since the mouthpiece is customized to fit over your teeth, the rest of your mouth is protected from contact with the chemicals in the bleaching gel.

Usually, home bleaching takes one to three weeks to achieve complete results. You may need to meet Dr. Sheiner during the course of the treatment so that he  can check how the treatment is progressing.

Digital Radiography: Efficient and Safer

In an effort to promote office efficiency and patient safety, we've implemented new state-of-the-art panoramic imaging techniques. This state-of -the-art technology reduces patient x-ray exposure by 80%. In addition, the digitalized images can be stored and transmitted easier than regular x-ray film.

The upgrade also enhances diagnosis, and helps make certain specialized treatment such as implants and root canals more efficient. We are proud to offer digital x-rays in all of our treatment rooms.

Dental Implants provide a Long-lasting Solution

For those who are missing teeth, implants help restore health and beauty to your smile. Implants are attached to your jawbone unlike dentures or traditional bridges. Dental implants look and feel more like your own teeth. Adequate bone in the jaw is needed to support your new implant, and the ideal candidates have healthy gum tissues that are free of periodontal diseases.


Dentures are used to replace missing teeth. Consisting of replacement teeth, a plastic gum area and either metal clasps or other attachments, partials can make eating and speaking easier for people who are missing some of their teeth. Partials are removable and that makes them easier to clean and care for. We offer both full and partial dentures.

Oral Sedation

Dr. Sheiner offers Oral Sedation for the patient seeking a painless dental experience. This procedure allows us to serve patients with a wide variety of needs including those with anxiety, fear of needles and severe gag reflexes. Dr. Sheiner also provides treatment to patients who want Oral Sedation for convenience and relaxation, which relieves the stress of a lengthy appointment.

Advantages to Oral Sedation:

  • Easy to administer: Swallow a small pill

  • It is safe and easy to monitor

  • Works well for most people

  • Low Cost

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New York City Dentist, Dr Alan Sheiner serves Manhattan's Upper East Side as well as Roosevelt Island,
Westchester County, Nassau County on Long Island and Fairfield County in Connecticut.

Dr Sheiner also serves the New Jersey communities of West New York, Woodridge, Ft Lee, Edgewater and North Bergen.

Dr. Alan Sheiner offers patients General Dentistry, Routine Teeth Cleaning, Comprehensive Dental Exams,
Cosmetic Dentistry, Rembrandt Teeth Whitening, Safe Digital X-rays, Dental Implants,
Dentures, Oral Sedation Dentistry and more.

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