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"Amazing. Turned into what was supposed to be a painful appointment into an easy and happy one." — February 2020

"I would recommend Dr. Sheiner to any friend or family member looking for dental services. You can really tell Dr. Sheiner cares about his patients' well-being by the way he performs. I would recommend Dr. Sheiner to any friend or family member looking for dental services. You can really tell Dr. Sheiner cares about his patients' well-being by the way he performs his craft. He is extremely knowledgeable and always explains what he is doing, what tools he is using, and why. This put me at ease throughout the entire process. Not only were his services good, but he was very punctual (appointment started right on time, no waiting), and the procedure was lightning fast while still maintaining top qualitative standards. Will be going back to Dr. Sheiner for all of my dental needs." — November 2019

"When my former husband had cancer, the radiation oncologist referred him to Dr. Sheiner in advance of his reduction therapy. He told my husband that he needed a meticulous dentist knowledgeable in management of head, neck radiation patients. My husband got his mouth cleaned up and went through the radiation without any dental issues. I thought, why not have my regular dentist be the one the oncologist trusted as meticulous? - so I switched to Dr. Sheiner that was a long, long time ago but I am still seeing Dr. Sheiner."

"Dr. Sheiner is always prompt, personable, and is very skilled at what he does! I've had multiple dentists in the past and none as thorough or attentive as he is. I'd highly recommend him and have already sent some other people his way, one of which required pretty specific dental work, a lot of care, and also had general jitters about going to a dentist. He got raving reviews!" — August 2019

"I have been going to Dr. Sheiner for over a year and a half now. I have had 3 cleanings and a cap placed. All extremely pleasant and fast visits. I used to be one of those people who dreaded going to the dentist but with Dr. Sheiner I don't! Such a great guy, a true professional. I am so confident in his ability to take care of my teeth. I trust him and highly recommend him!!" — March 2018

"Short version: A+++++, best dentist I've ever seen. Long version: Just came back from my first visit with Dr. Sheiner. I've been in the city about a year and needed a new dentist for an annual exam and cleaning, Dr. Sheiner was across the street from me and had great reviews so I went with him. All the reviews are true, if I could give 6 stars I would. Dr. Sheiner is like an old time country doctor (except a dentist). He seems to do everything -- answers the door, gives you paperwork, does the X-rays, cleaning, exam, and the billing -- so you get a lot of quality time with him. I spent about one hour with him, and had an EXTREMELY thorough cleaning with fancy (at least to me) techniques I'd never had before (sodium bicarbonate spray something, ultrasound something). Where else does the dentist do your cleaning?! We also had a great conversation about dogs (apparently his poodle is at the office most days). Very nice guy, great work, can't recommend him enough." — October 2017

"Dr. Sheiner is the best dentist!! I visited him recently for a decay in my tooth, he replaced the bad filling done by my previous dentist and ordered a Porcelain crown that matched perfectly with my tooth. Amazingly, when he placed the new crown in, it just fits perfectly, with no pain and no adjustment at all. I am sure this is not accidental, this takes top skills. My previous dentist, when he did filling, it always took me a few weeks to get used to, sometime, I need to visit him to get re-adjusted. Since my friend recommended me to see Dr. Sheiner, the visit is pleasant, explained, and no pain, with excellent job done. I will give Dr. Sheiner a 10+ stars, he is 100 times better than the 5 stars dentists." — November 2016

"Dr. Sheiner is friendly and very knowledgeable of any questions and concerns you may have. He is caring about pain that you may feel while he is working on your teeth. Being that the dentist is not the most fun place to be because of the discomfort from the work on your teeth, he makes sure he is more gentle if you ask him to be." — November 2015

"The BEST dentist I've ever seen- put me completely at ease and was happy to talk me through every single step and clearly answer all my questions with patience. Highly recommend!!" — May 2015

"Dr. Sheiner makes you feel right at home in his cozy little business that feels somewhat like a friendly country doctor's office. I was taken in immediately which I really appreciated, and every step of each procedure was clearly explained so that any fears I had were dissipated. I would recommend Dr. Scheiner to anyone who needs to feel that their dentist really cares about their personal dental issues and will make sure that they get resolved in the best way possible." — March 2015

"Best dentist experience I've ever had. The office has a very homey feel to it and Dr. Sheiner was friendly and warm. He explained everything that he was doing (even though I was just getting a dental exam and teeth cleaning) and made me feel less anxious about going to the dentist." — February 2015

"I had a crown done by a local dentist and was not pleased at all with the result. A friend suggested I see Dr. Sheiner for a second opinion. I was very impressed on how competent and skillful Dr. Sheiner was. He performed a very meticulous evaluation of the crown, educated me on the issue and provided a clean and honest advice of the options I should pursue. I came away feeling much better and knew exactly what my options were. He was fantastic, really outstanding!" — February 2015

"A few years ago, I needed some teeth replaced and a friend suggested Dr. Sheiner, whom he had been seeing for many years. After a more thorough exam than anyone ever did before, Dr. Sheiner gave me a few options to achieve my goals. I chose the route using implants, which Dr. Sheiner placed for me and I am thrilled with the results. I am educated but had no idea what a prosthodontist is. Turns out they are specialists in reconstruction of teeth - just what I needed! I was very concerned and nervous. Dr. Sheiner did all the treatments gently and for 4 teeth implants, I had no pain and no one can tell these are not my own teeth! I think it is so important that Dr. Sheiner is a board-certified prosthodontist, so he understands the entire picture and controls the process from start to finish with the end result in mind. He is very professional and skillful, and most importantly, he understands my fears and concerns. Dr. Sheiner is completely hands on and very reachable. He does the cleanings himself using an instrument that shoots salt at the teeth to clean and polish - it gets into all the nooks and crannies and my teeth never felt so clean! I can't say enough good things - just that I finally found the best dentist!" — February 2015

"This was my first appointment with Dr. Sheiner. I was extremely pleased with how it went. I had bad experiences with two other dentists previously...they would try to upsell me on services I didn't need, and their work was subpar at best. They had both had attempted to fix a chipped tooth in a tough location. Not only did it break again within a couple of weeks (with both dentists attempting to fill it multiple times), but it never felt right. I was referred to Dr. Sheiner and hoped that he could fix it. Right away, he seemed extremely honest, thorough and informative. He fixed my tooth quicker and with much more skill than the other dentists. I have had absolutely no issues thus far with it breaking or chipping (it has been a few months now), and it also feels more comfortable. Overall, I have had an excellent experience with Dr. Sheiner and will be switching to him as my primary dentist for teeth cleanings and checkups."

"I am dentist-phobic, but my experience with Dr. Sheiner was actually quite enjoyable. He took the time to explain every part of the visit so that I'd be more comfortable. I highly recommend!"

"Dr. Sheiner is a great and extremely knowledgeable dentist. I had been seeing another dentist for a while but moved to Dr. Sheiner a few years ago upon a recommendation. I noticed a huge difference in his thoroughness and the level of care, including the teeth cleaning he provided. He also did great with whitening my teeth (using a less harsh/abrasive way of doing it than traditional teeth whitening offices), and I already got a lot of compliments. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for the best in dental care, as well as whitening!" — November 2014

"I have been with Dr. Alan Sheiner for approximately 10 years, and would continue coming to him even if I left NYC. He is that good. Before I found Dr. Sheiner, I conducted a pretty extensive search to find the best dentist in NYC. Dr. Sheiner came highly recommended by my internist. His cleanings are the most thorough I've ever experienced. His injections are virtually pain free and he even adjusts his pace and style to ensure I am comfortable throughout all my appointments (I am very sensitive to pain, so this was huge for me). His diagnoses have always been spot on and he has done impeccable work on some difficult dental procedures I required due to a childhood sports accident. Dr. Sheiner is highly responsive, returning calls within hours and always making time for my appts no matter how busy he is. He is trustworthy and honest. And above all else, he seems to truly love being a dentist and helping people." — September 2014

"I first saw Dr. Sheiner 6 years ago on recommendation from a friend. I had caps on my front teeth, and one was loose. He had to remove one since the root was broken and placed an implant and made new caps for my front teeth. No one can tell they are not my own teeth! He is caring, skilled, and puts my needs first. Once I saw him and understood the issues, I switched to his care and have been comfortable with him ever since. He is the best!" — September 2014

"I have been a patient of Dr. Sheiner for 30 years. I would not trust my dental work to anyone but Dr. Sheiner. He has great bedside manner, he is always on time, there is never a long wait, and he has always seeked my best interest. I would highly recommend him."

"Dr. Sheiner has been my dentist for many years, and he is the way that dentists should be. A superb diagnostician and perfect gentleman. They don't come any better than Dr. Sheiner! He is the best. He has a heart for his customers. He will always be my dentist. I will have no other!"

"Dr. Sheiner is, by far, the best dentist I have ever used in over 60 years of experience. He has supervised my treatment in many serious problems in that time including gum disease, root canal, implants, dental surgery. What I most admire is that he does not farm out tasks to others in a factory-like environment. Instead, he personally supervises every step with care and attention to every aspect of care. I cannot praise Dr. Sheiner highly enough. He has made an enormous difference in my ability to survive and overcome many very threatening problems in my lifetime. He is the ultimate professional who also understands individual psychological needs."